Board of Directors
Mr. Nicholas Charles Deterding
Independent Director

Mr. Nicholas Charles Deterding holds a masters ‘degree in arts (history) from St. Andrews University, Scotland, United Kingdom. After having served three years in the British Army, he spent approximately 12 years in London and Tokyo, where he specialised in the Japanese equity markets. He held the positions of a stockbroker at Montagu Loebl Stanley Limited and also as a director of Japanese equity sales at Kleinworth Benson Limited. He also served as a director of Japanese equity sales at the Swiss Bank Corporation until 1996, before returning to Norfolk, England to take over management of his family's business, Kelling Estate. Mr Deterding is a founder member of Anglia Woodfuels, a wood fuel supply producer-group based in the East of England, dedicated to develop a sustainable approach to energy use, and is currently also in the process of establishing a business to manufacture and supply biomass fuel to UK based power stations. Mr. Deterding also serves as a board member of the Country Land and Business Association in Norfolk and the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group in Norfolk.