Business Structure


JPL has engaged farming community with agriculture development, animal husbandry project. 108 plots of wadi (ochard) are developed on the farmers field. Each wadi consists of 50 grafted plants of mango, cashew/ amla. The wadi is concept developed for the sustainable livelihood option / alternate to the enhance income level of the farmer in addition to the regular agriculture . Soil and mositure conservation works in all wadi has been done to tap the optimal utilization of rain water. Countour trenches, ring bain structure , field bunds, stone bunds are the treatments done in the wadi

Under agro forestry model clone eucalyptus is grown on the farmer's field.

Establishment of an integrated livestock development centre is done in the project area at village Gorakhpur. The said centre serves the door to door to provide AI (artificial insemination) in cattle, pregnancy diagnosis, etc. Additionally deworming done in 500 cattle, vaccination of 550 animals done for FMD,HS,BQ diseases, 10 infertility cum animal health camp conducted, 42 plots of fodder developed on farmers field in order to increase milk yield , distribution of mineral mixture and farmers training to educate the farmers related to such activities have been taken up. 400 AI done by the centre during the period. 60 cross breed calves are born through artificial insemination so far.

Jhabua power ltd. continuing successfully Self-help group activity. We found that it is appropriate platform for women for their self-development. 61 SHG formed in project area. All SHGs are linked with the banks. Grading of the SHG is done for evaluation of their performance. Based on their grading we have provide them revolving fund for up gradation of their livelihood. Organized 39 training and workshop on regular basis for capacity building and strengthening of the SHGs. For livelihood up gradation trainings on pickle making , Incense stick making, tailoring etc. given to members of SHGs. Scaling up of existing livelihood activity revolving fund is provided.

Poultry Units – Establishment of poultry houses have proved an income generation activity within a very short period of one and half months. We have introduced broiler day old chicks (DOCs) for our interested farmers. For establishment purpose we have provided 100 birds each along with feed (pre starter, starter and finisher) and we are delivering effective viable vaccine and medicine in a stipulated period of broiler life span under the guidelines of veterinary professional. Total 20 landless families involved under the activity in

Industrial Training to Youth - for up gradation of the livelihood opportunity initiative has been taken by the company to train the rural unemployed youth in trade like fitter and electrician. 40 youth from core villages has been selected for this training programme.

The special batch is started with permission from Director, skill development M.P. state at Govt. ITI Ghansor. JPL has provided all tools and equipment's for this special batch. Further construction of three classrooms and one workshop is done by JPL. Classes have been organized regularly for the students. In addition to that, additional classes on safety, personality development, spoken English and human resource has been conducted regularly. Regular follow up and meeting has been conducted with the students for better improvement of educational environment and motivate them for the regular attendance.