Business Structure


KWPCL believes education to be the key to empowerment. And that the children have a right to quality education. For this, multi-fold activities are undertaken in the schools of peripheral villages.

Previously, remedial classes were organized in the villages to help weaker and underprivileged students. Nearly 750 children of 5-10 years age groups were offered special classes in Hindi and Mathematics. Additionally, competitions including drawing, speech as well as sports are organized for the overall development of students.

Augmentation of Infrastructure in School

Having commitment to improve the quality of education in the area augmentation of infrastructure in the schools like provision of chairs and tables for students, construction of boundary walls, construction of school rooms, developing play grounds, drinking water facility, sports materials etc. have been undertaken in the project villages.

Science Learning Program

Science Education Program is executed in Government Middle Schools. Teachers are given training on basic science concept as per the middle school curriculum. More than 200 science workshops and fairs have been organized so far.

The model proposed is lab-in box science education program. The activities are focused for the children of class 6th to 8th of middle school. The program is primarily aimed at increasing the scientific temperament of the children, so that they can opt for science related careers and enhance their employability chances in the future.

This will be achieved by:

  • Promoting science education through a development of logic, systematic observation and experimentation,
  • Learning science an enjoyable experience,
  • Helping students learn analytical thinking, encourage them to understand the role science plays in their everyday lives.

“The Science Education Program has been highly successful and we plan to replicate it in other schools, with support from KWPCL”, says Block Education Officer of Pussore, Raigarh.