Business Structure

Rural Infrastructure Development

The increase in the level of rural infrastructure has two effects: the promotion of economic growth and a decline in the incidence of absolute poverty. KWPCL believe that developing infrastructure is essential for sustaining and multiplying growth of the society. Having the need and immediate expectations of the community, priority was given for infrastructure development in the villages like construction of village road, amenities for safe drinking water, activities for water conservation, construction of community hall etc.

Cement Concrete Roads

KWPCL under the umbrella of their CSR program took up initiative for better rural connectivity by constructing approximate 24 Km Cement Concrete roads in 41 villages. This initiative is helping in easy movement during rainy season and provides better conveyance and connectivity to community. “I had never thought that all weathered road shall be constructed in our village in my life time, the dream comes true because of KWPCL” says Sarpanch of village Tilgi.

Deepening of Ponds

Pond is used for multipurpose works in the peripheral villages. Every village have average 2-3 ponds which are used for bathing, irrigation and daily household works. These ponds also maintain ground water levels in the area acting as rain water harvesting structure. Over the period, capacity of these ponds has been reduced by siltation. We get feasibility study on soil and water conservation by AFPRO to address the issues of water conservation. As of December 2012, deepening of 34 ponds was undertaken in 27 villages. This enhanced the water storage capacity of the pond and re-charge ground water level thus further help in re-charging nearby dried up hand-pumps. “Water in pond in summer is boon for the village, now we do not have to go to other village for water”, say villagers of Semra. As a facility for villagers, stairs in ponds has also been constructed to conduct their daily need. Deepening of 2 ponds in Raigarh and Sarangarh has been completed, beautification work is in progress.

Drinking Water Facility

Increased access to safe drinking water facility in the villages is one of the priorities for KWPCL. 64 bore wells along with pump have been installed in 47 villages to facilitate access to drinking water facility. In all those locations construction work of water storage tanks is being taken up. 23 tanks have been constructed and others are in progress. This helps in mitigating wastage of water and ensures availability of potable water to community. On the other hand it also helps in reducing drudgery involves in fetching water from long distance.

Community Hall

With a goal to meet the villager’s collective need, construction of community halls, sheds has been taken up. The construction works of some of the community hall is in progress.